Welcome to Blaze Salon

Welcome to Blaze Salon

Davines Color and Product Line Now Available at Blaze

Blaze Salon is extremely excited to announce the launch of an exclusive color and retail line, Davines!

Davines was founded in Parma, Italy in 1993 and is family owned and operated. Davines has steadfastly dedicated themselves to creating a true and eco-friendly color line and series of products focused on 100% sustainability. Plainly put, Davines is hair cares equivalent to the “farm to table” movement – Davines seeks out and sources ingredients from local farmers throughout the Italian countryside as indicated on each and every product label.

We at Blaze believe that this philosophy is very much in line with our own. We have always been keenly aware of how very important it is to the artists that work here, as well as to our clientele, to remain focused on the future. We strive to pursue what is in all of our best interests. Davines is in line with what is now – it is an artistic, sustainable and forward thinking company. Our industry is ever evolving and we must challenge ourselves to stay current and provide our clients with the absolute best of what is available.

As a compliment to the color line, Blaze Salon proud to offer a gorgeous selection of products from Davines! This offering includes shampoos, conditioners, hair and body care and a range of styling products. This range will continue to grow over the coming weeks and months.



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Balayage at Blaze

Blaze Salon is extremely proud to report that all of our Stylists here at Blaze have received instruction in the balayage technique by none other than National Artist Theresa Adams of L’Oreal fame! Her course has inspired five of our stylists to become certified at the L’Oreal SoHo Academy in New York City. For those of you fairly new to the balayage technique, please see below:
Definition: ba·lay·age, balāˈyäZH/noun: balayage;
a technique for highlighting the hair in which the color is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

Far from a fad, Balayage is a timeless and bespoke technique for the application of and coloring of hair. Balayage derives from the french word for “sweeping” or “painting” and provides a extremely natural and intricate result. Because of the precise and delicate nature of color placement, regrowth appears to be much more subtle and softer than that of traditional foiling.

Our Salon Coordinators and Stylists are here to answer any questions you may have about this exciting addition to our salon menu.

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Welcome to Blaze Salon

Premier Gallery for Cut and Color in West Chester PA.

As with the origin of the word “BLAZE” our goal is to constantly move forward. To move forward is to change, to evolve, and to stand apart. With this in mind, we as a team can assist our clientele to reach their fullest potential. We strive to promote an all natural approach to beauty.

Our passion for what we do is reflected in our work.

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