Blaze Salon has taken great care in providing the best brands on the market to ensure that all that you acheive when visiting us here at the salon is preserved and easily maintained at home. We are constantly cultivating our selection and is with immense pride that we offer nothing but the best products and product lines available.

Deva Curl and Deva Care

The Deva Curl and Care revolution was started by the founders of Devachan Salons in 2002. Starting with just one product, this hair care brand quickly set the precedent for all products designed to cater to those with curly hair. Both the Deva Curl and Deva Care advanced hair care rescue system restores, re-hydrates and rejuvenates. Deva’s complete line of 100% sulfate free cleaners, conditioners and styling products respects hairs natural tendency to curl or wave and is ideal for all curly hair types.

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